I shaved my head bald in November 2020. Without anyone’s opinion, without a third thought.

At 5 a.m. on a Thursday I danced to 5 songs, decided to do it, then did it.

I cut away what I thought people think I should look like. I cut the idea out of my head that I had to be a size 4, wig wearing, television host. There is nothing wrong with that description of a person. I change my hair, even now, more than I change purses, but when I look in the mirror since November, I feel free. I feel awake. I am…me.

Maybe it was my experiences. Maybe it is my flaws. Or maybe it’s the me, for me.

I am at my best when I make decisions then act on what I decided. I have observed that my most successful moments have been when I “Nike’d” it…whatever IT is at the moment.

So, I have decided that I am a Oprah Winfrey “like” talk show host with a Martha Stewart brand.

Mark my words.