Emotional Eating

Hungry? Not really but, it feels good to eat during emotional times. When things in your daily routine fail, food rarely disappoints. Food is everlasting. Food is not argumentive. Food can present itself anyway you like it, saucy, cheesy, and… Continue Reading →

It Works…for Me!

My name is Fridith, but everyone calls me Fri (pronounced Free) I began with It Works for selfish reasons. I was unhappy with my 3 post cesarean body and I had quietly crept back in to the 200lbs range eating… Continue Reading →

Meatless Mondays

It is Monday! Meatless Monday is here. Fun fact: Eggs are easy to prepare, edible at any point of the day, and can be easy to grab and go if you boil them Let’s PUSH #pushinitiative Live well, Miracle Reese

The Year of Growth

Dear Reader, The ball has dropped, the bell has rung, it is 2018 and the new year is here. With the new solar cycle we the hopelessly superstitious case lots on what the year will bring. I am willing to… Continue Reading →

Buy Melanin Pop Up Shop D.M.V

If the goal was to congregate, vibe out, and bask in ultimate fun, The Buy Melanin Pop Up Shop was the place to be this weekend in Washington D.C. Starting out at a chill location such as Smith Commons was… Continue Reading →

The Power of Entrepreneurship

In the middle of my morning jog, I abruptly stopped from a stabbing pain.  I knew something was not right. I had been having some random back pains, amongst other issues for a couple of months, but I assumed that it would pass. Well, girl, was I wrong?!… Continue Reading →

Like My Status

Let me inform you that if you only touch one, the work is done! Of course the more the merrier, but make your goals reality and admire yourself for all your hard work and dedication. I had to tell myself… Continue Reading →


I have a ripple effect of chill bumps going up and down my body from anger, sadness, and frustration I am feeling from the last couple of days recent tragedies. I confess that I have been sitting quietly watching circumstances… Continue Reading →

Our Black Men

The first time I saw him, the silhouette of his body stood out. He was literally a black man in the shadows. He was tall with broad shoulders and big hands that were planted in his pockets. His posture was perfect as… Continue Reading →

Woosah Moments

For over a year I have been searching for my calm place. I have plenty of space in my house to get away, but if you are a mom you know that your space is never really “my space” when… Continue Reading →

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