I shaved my head bald in November 2020. Without anyone’s opinion, without a third thought. At 5 a.m. on a Thursday I danced to 5 songs, decided to do it, then did it. I cut away what I thought people… Continue Reading →

To Orlando, With Love

Earlier this week our country was shaken due to the senseless violence of one individual. Understanding that there are supporters of such vile behavior, we must realize that this was the act of one person. Yes, there are many times… Continue Reading →

The Smell of a Man

Fragrance has a way of bringing back memories or provoking moods. Close your eyes. Imagine a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies. Yummy! I can taste them now. Smell is the most power sense we have and when something… Continue Reading →

How Play-Doh Changed Perspective

This past Saturday, my son was invited to a 4 year old party where gymnastics was the theme. So sticking with tradition, we had to get the birthday girl a gift. Usually when we attend parties, I let Artis pick… Continue Reading →

Define YOUR Success

What defines success? When I look back on this #tbt, I can count the many blessings I have received. I have gotten mostly everything I have asked for in life. What I realize is that those things manifested, both tangible and… Continue Reading →

Phone Dependency

I had one of the most liberating experiences of 2016 this past weekend. After a long day at the office, I came home with Winston and his baby carrier in my left hand, his backpack on my back, my purse on… Continue Reading →

Shitty Days

I woke up in a shitty mood this morning. I couldn’t sleep do to tossing and turning the entire night. I opened my eyes and instantly begin praying for a breakthrough of something amazing. Tears begin to flow down my… Continue Reading →

Natural Hair Absolutely Cares

Natural hair is trending and myself and my team has jumped on board the journey. Since becoming a part of the natural hair movement I have felt free and liberated. We got together to chat about the pros and cons… Continue Reading →

The Change Your Life with Beauty Show

What changes do  you feel should be made to uplift our young men? Do you feel that generational poverty and generational anger is a real thing? DO you feel that men are influential towards today’s youth?


Everyone is talking about Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade so I figured I would give my two cents. I thought the album was dramatic, deep, uplifting, a little creepy, empowering, and amazingly artistic. We have never seen Beyoncé in this way… Continue Reading →

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