The Smell of a Man

Fragrance has a way of bringing back memories or provoking moods. Close your eyes. Imagine a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies. Yummy! I can taste them now. Smell is the most power sense we have and when something… Continue Reading →

Would You Rock: Summer Nails

Summer time is here so I know you have already played “Summer, Summer, Summer Time” by Will Smith on your Pandora account fifty times. The heat brings on more skin and more skin means SPF, excused nakedness, and mani’s and… Continue Reading →

Weave Lovers

Benefits of wearing hair weaves …They’re just sew darn good! Low maintenance-if you are relaxed or natural we can all agree that weaves cut styling time in half once installed Protective- The extension hair takes the daily wear-and-tear, so your… Continue Reading →

The Early Stages of Transitioning

Embracing natural curl patterns and saying no to chemical treatments has become very popular within the black community and is definitely here to stay. While some may have had an early start, there are still women who have recently decided… Continue Reading →

Would You Rock: Twist Out or Twist up

We are embracing our natural hair here at #CYLWB and we want to see which style you prefer….Twist out or Twist up?

How to Detangle Your Hair

Detangling can definitely be a pain in the butt and can take an awful amount of time. Most of us are tender headed or have course hair or somewhere in between. Here are 3 easy tips to help save you… Continue Reading →

Substantial and Meaningful Behaviors

I have never been one to need validation on anything I am doing. I have for the last 28 years of life marched to the beat of my own drum. Nowadays, however, I am conflicted because of the sensationalized drama… Continue Reading →

Can YOU Cantu?

This month Change Your Life with has been fortunate enough to partner up with Cantu and do a natural hair care month. The challenge is from April 15th and carries all the way into May (May 15th). Throughout this… Continue Reading →

How Natural is Natural?

Ever inquired about what chemicals and additives are actually being put into the products you use? I know I have! Especially when I see products that claim to be “all natural” and “organic use only”. With more and more companies… Continue Reading →

Beauty Collaborations: CANTU BEAUTY 30 Day Challenge

This challenge starts on April 15-May 15! Use all Cantu Beauty products or incorporate them in to your hair care routine and tell us all about it. Visit to see an all of Cantu’s amazing hair care line. #changeyourlifewithbeauty #cantubeauty #byobeautiful #boastofbeauty

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