Meatless Mondays

It is Monday! Meatless Monday is here. Fun fact: Eggs are easy to prepare, edible at any point of the day, and can be easy to grab and go if you boil them Let’s PUSH #pushinitiative Live well, Miracle Reese

The Year of Growth

Dear Reader, The ball has dropped, the bell has rung, it is 2018 and the new year is here. With the new solar cycle we the hopelessly superstitious case lots on what the year will bring. I am willing to… Continue Reading →

Like My Status

Let me inform you that if you only touch one, the work is done! Of course the more the merrier, but make your goals reality and admire yourself for all your hard work and dedication. I had to tell myself… Continue Reading →

To Orlando, With Love

Earlier this week our country was shaken due to the senseless violence of one individual. Understanding that there are supporters of such vile behavior, we must realize that this was the act of one person. Yes, there are many times… Continue Reading →

Yes We Can

2015 was the year where a lot of substantial change was happening, the main one being girl power. With women’s day coming right around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of the incredible movements that have been happening in… Continue Reading →

Change is Coming

Known for his famous designs and attention to detail, Zac Posen is adding social activist to his resume with his new message: Black Models Matter. Posen is calling for distinct change to happen within the fashion industry as it relates… Continue Reading →


It’s finally March!!! You’ve just started to write up some to-do lists on what is going to stay for the rest of the year, and what has to go. Believe me, nobody said healthy living was easy. However, let me… Continue Reading →

Make It Sweet

What are you doing to make your life worth living?  Whether it’s consuming copious amounts of candy, like myself. Or spend an hour in the park with a loved one; allowing yourself to have an escape from the routine of… Continue Reading →

Black Girl with Ava DuVernay

You may know her as the woman who directed the heart-wrenching movie, Selma, for which she was the first African-American woman nominated for a Golden Globe. Or you may be familiar with her break through directorial indie films, such as… Continue Reading →

Blogger to Know: Estrella Fashion Report

Here at Change Your Life with Beauty, we love celebrating Girl Bosses who strive to create their paths when pursuing their dreams. We had the pleasure of interviewing Girl Boss blogger Farrah Estrella from Estrella Fashion Report who has taken… Continue Reading →

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