What defines success? When I look back on this #tbt, I can count the many blessings I have received. I have gotten mostly everything I have asked for in life. What I realize is that those things manifested, both tangible and intangible, because I was specific in my wishes, dreams, and most of all, my prayers. I am healthy to the letter. Some would say that is success. I am married to a loving husband and have two beautiful boys. Some would say that is success. I have had in my hand a good bit of money, met and hung out with people of celebrity, and consider myself beautiful from the inside to the out. Some would say that is success, but I want more. You may say that the statement of wanting more is ungrateful. I disagree. The world we live in is an abundant world. There is enough food, love, success, prosperity for each and everyone of us. Anything my heart desires I can have, because I believe I can have it. I have faith. And just to pinpoint what I am speaking into existence these “things” are not all material. On the list of wants is more purpose, more love, more growth and understanding, more wisdom along with prosperity, vacations, a SUV and that house in Odessa that I will be purchasing.

I am so grateful for everything in my grasp and I am excited to welcome more. How do you define success?