I have never been one to need validation on anything I am doing. I have for the last 28 years of life marched to the beat of my own drum. Nowadays, however, I am conflicted because of the sensationalized drama that takes priority to substantial and meaningful behaviors on social media, in magazines, and on news outlets. A simple “like” can literally make me second guess the post I recently shared. An “unfollow” can mean I am not worthy enough to come across a feed of narcissism. It seems posting nude pics, forcing poked out lips, or taking a trip to “brag-ville” gets the most undeserved attention, all things that are simply not my style (both figuratively and literally). I remember a picture I posted on Facebook years ago when I was in college with two other girls. One had on a tube dress that was actually a tube top stressed to the max, covering only a portion of her ass. The other a sleeveless dress equally advertising as the other girl’s dress. Both of their bodies were banging of course. And then there was me with a mini dress that stopped mid-thigh. The center front came to a modest V-neck and it had sleeves that were loose around my arms. The snap shot showed confidence in all three of us. I can remember the night like yesterday (so fun). Something stuck out to me about the responses of that picture. A friend from my hometown commented on the picture stating “you still know how to steal a pic”. When I asked her what did she mean she let me know that the other girls are putting in a lot of effort to appear sexy whereas I was just being. Just being. In a world where “hoes are winning”, which is a recent post I just saw on Facebook, it can become confusing trying to figure out if you are a winner or not. Well, if you don’t know, I am here to tell you that you are a winner! We all are beautiful in our own right and thinking anything contrary to that welcomes insecurity and aggravation in our lives. To encourage you on this journey of life, GO! GIRL, GO! Whatever makes your heart sing, do that thing and smile while doing it.

Golden life living,