Finally, a personal finance book for young adults that educates and provides practical advice on financial issues. Money Management Wisdom for Millennials gives relevant and relatable ways to navigate unique financial challenges like student loan debt, underemployment, and social media influence on spending. The author shares proven principles to help guide decisions regarding spending, saving, and giving. Without feeling lectured, millennials will learn: • How their view of money influences their spending habits • Three barriers that keep millennials from realizing their financial dreams • The pitfalls of credit and credit cards • How to deal with and avoid debt • Strategies for working together as a couple to meet shared financial goals • The impact of creating and following a budget • What to do before purchasing a home • How to save money when it seems impossible The author uses a friendly, conversational tone as she shares personal stories and witty advice. By the end of the book, readers feel hopeful and determined to make financial decisions that lead them to debt-free living and place them on a path toward their financial dreams.