When I first found out I was expecting my first child it was a world wind experience. How could I, someone who didn’t know if I ever wanted to have kids, be having a child? I immediately felt protective of my baby. Walking thru the mall made me cautious of my surroundings, eating anything made me second guess if it was the best decision, even being around unpredictable people made me nervous. After we found out he was a boy, I was elated! I just knew that if I had a child it would be a boy. Craig gave me the say so on his name so I named him after my grandfather, Artis Reese Craig, a name strong, not difficult to pronounce, and most of all memorable.  The love I felt was and still is untouchable. Having another child was definitely on my mind.

Craig and I had a miscarriage right before Artis turned 3 years old. We had found out in September we were expecting and a week after the familiar feeling of being excited again happiness was replaced with sadness. I was lost for a minute after that evening, but I know that things happen the way they are supposed to happen. I will never forget my little “Bonnie”.

The following year we found out we were having our second son, Winston Tripp Craig. I never knew I could feel the ultimate love for more than one person, but having the honor of raising two boys with the man of my dreams is the most profound feeling. Being a mom is one of my favorite titles. I look forward to watching my grandkids and great-grandchildren grow up in my later years. I anticipate meeting a twenty-something diva with an old soul granting me the yes to be her Godmother and me being her best friend like my Godmother, Ovetta, has been for me.

The making of a mom is challenging, but totally worth the rollercoaster of emotions. I am happy. I am a mother. And to all that share the same happiness of being a mother…Happy Mother’s Day!