There is a song that I sung when I was a teenager in my church’s youth choir titled “Be Grateful”.

God had not promised me sunshine.

That’s not the way it’s supposed to be

But still a little rain mixed with God’s sunshine

A little pain makes me appreciate the good times.

Be grateful!

The lyrics, even then, were so powerful. When I would sing my solo and the choir would join in at the chorus (be grateful) I would feel it down in my soul. It still happens today when I sing it while in the shower.

Today, I want to share some tips on how I like to practice being grateful. It doesn’t take much but it is one of the things we all push to the side because of the day-to-day “stuff”.

Tip 1: SAY THANK YOU. Say thank you for the breath in your body, for having the money to pay the bill you really wish you didn’t have to pay, for the vision you have for your future. To say thank you uplifts your spirit, kind of like a pat on the back for noticing the little things.

Tip 2: BECOME SELF-AWARE. Having self-awareness can open our eyes to spaces unknown.

Tip 3: TAKE SOME YOU TIME. Day in and day out we just…go. We become busy with our jobs, our titles, and our obligations, and forget to take time for ourselves. Find a few interests that gives you time to relax and re-Center. Clear your mind with some medication, go for a kick ass kickboxing class, schedule a spa day, or go shopping by yourself. Then take it all in. You are worth it.

Tip 4: SHOW SOMEONE ELSE GRATITUDE. We all know please and thank you goes a long way. Practice gratitude by making others know you appreciate their efforts. They will be more eager to give again and you will feel great for it.