I stopped my good friends boutique, Don Me Now, in Hyde Park and popped in to the cutest not-so-little resturant Bar Taco. The vibe there is beachy-vintage style with the perfect amount of modern. They had the cutest little menus and decor and the staff was simplistically  pleasant to say the least. The uniforms of the waiters and waitresses were denim pants and plaid/gingham, relaxed fit button downs. A fav of of mine! The food….cauliflower taco (buttery, spicy with a nutty taste)…chicken taco (red sauce with a hint of lime) corn tortilla was fresh and didn’t get soggy easily. The owner Havier came over greeted me with a huge smile on his face and asked if I needed anything. Hand he hooked me up with guacamole on the house. And it was delicious!!!!!!!! He explained the ingredients and I can taste everyone of them…yummy! My rating for this lovely spot……..10! Winning!