Emotional Eating

Hungry? Not really but, it feels good to eat during emotional times. When things in your daily routine fail, food rarely disappoints. Food is everlasting. Food is not argumentive. Food can present itself anyway you like it, saucy, cheesy, and… Continue Reading →

Food and Beauty

If there’s one thing that brings people together, it’s food. Whether you’re a fan of the aesthetic of some dishes, or the actual flavors hidden in the treat you’re eating, food is something that everyone should be a fan of…. Continue Reading →

Make It Sweet

What are you doing to make your life worth living?  Whether it’s consuming copious amounts of candy, like myself. Or spend an hour in the park with a loved one; allowing yourself to have an escape from the routine of… Continue Reading →

Etre Toujours Ivre

Message Monday: Etre Toujours Ivre This weeks Message Monday centers around the idea of necessary intoxication. However, we don’t mean guzzling down copious amounts of wine or liquor. Rather enjoying the virtues that life has to offer. In a world… Continue Reading →

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