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Some Myths and Facts of Hair

Myth: Getting your split ends trimmed aids in hair growth Fact: Getting regular trims every 6-8 weeks keeps the split ends from growing up the hair shaft which will cause further damage and proper scalp care is essential to hair… Continue Reading →

Growing in Love

I had the most amazing date with my husband the other day. We went and ate nachos at one of our favorite spots in Tampa. Afterwards, we were on our way to go to another spot we frequent in the… Continue Reading →

Pillow Talk with Lacy and Chrissy

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lacy Louek and Chrissy Colton, co-founders of The Right Pillow on The Change Your Life with Beauty Show!  and they were a breath of fresh air. The passion behind these ladies… Continue Reading →

Style and Save: Top 5 Tools for Your Travel Bag

  One thing about being a lady is that the hair has to be together at all times, even on the “not so good” hair days. These tools are sure to elevate your look rain or sunshine. Denman brush This… Continue Reading →

No Muss, No Fuss, More CLUTCH

I’ll be frank, growing up I was never a bag girl. Jewelry? Yes. Makeup? Sure! Shoes? Well that goes without saying. But with handbags I always  felt that they were limiting to an outfit just by the simple design the… Continue Reading →

Hair with Flair: Spring Hair Care for ALL Hair Types

Hair care products can sometimes discriminate but these 5 products loves all hair types. Use these to get your favorite spring time hair looks! Design Essentials’ HCO This product is a fast acting moisturizer that penetrates deep into the hair… Continue Reading →

PUSH Yourself with Miracle Reese

Good day, Strivers!! We all have to things to do that involve a workday full of overwhelming tasks, timelines, and deadlines. As the day quickly moves along and you are rushed to turn work in to your boss or satisfy… Continue Reading →

The Change Your Life with Beauty Show!

How do you feel about online dating? Do you prefer red lipstick or pink lipstick for date night? Do you think it is the parent’s fault if a child is successful or not? Thoughts?    

Cobalt Sandals

There has always been something about the color of cobalt that just lures me in. It’s the perfect pop in the most sutle way. With these wedged heels, I can stand in them forever. Show me your shoe! Style on,… Continue Reading →

Food and Beauty

If there’s one thing that brings people together, it’s food. Whether you’re a fan of the aesthetic of some dishes, or the actual flavors hidden in the treat you’re eating, food is something that everyone should be a fan of…. Continue Reading →

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