Good day, Strivers!!

We all have to things to do that involve a workday full of overwhelming tasks, timelines, and deadlines. As the day quickly moves along and you are rushed to turn work in to your boss or satisfy a client within your own business, you have neglected the most functional task of all…YOU!

There comes that time of day when you need a pick-me-up and it feels so right to grab a caramel drizzled coffee or eat that KitKat in your bottom left drawer. Wrong! Stop. Don’t. Wait. Push away! Do not sabotage your fuel system. See, when your body becomes sluggish and requires a quick rush, then is the time to give it the best you’ve got. First, hydrate your life. Drink some water. Next, the thing that comes to mind is fruit but that doesn’t have to be the case. Having a small sample of your healthy lunch you had planned for later is a great idea. It’s already premediated and ready for your day, so use it. Then when lunch time does come around, use the first half of your mealtime eating the remaining amount of lunch followed by more water. Having a smaller amount to eat along with requiring less sitting time allows you a productive lunch. This way you can take a brisk 10 minute walk outside as a topper. This way you are WINNING!

You need food as an energy source to be the great, hardworking asset that you are. And don’t just sit all day. Get active and move!

Eat well,

Miracle Reese, BSN, RN