In every social clique there are those distinct personalities. The girl who likes to dress a bit more grunge than the rest, the friend who you can always count on for carrying perfume or lotion, and then there’s the one who is always watching HGTV.  Chances are I’m the latter.  It’s amazing to see how style and fashion as it relates to a set and home decor has revolutionized! You no longer have to have piles of cash in order to buy luxury wear or custom pieces that speak to your own personal style. That being said, when was the last time you changed the physical space that you were living in? Sometimes our society likes to focus on the changes that need to be made with the intangible, also known as, “what’s on the inside”. As much as I am a fan of that philosophy, I also believe that changes made on the outside can be just as beneficial as those within. Try taking up a new DIY project around your house. Change the curtains, or buy that new table set you’ve been eyeing! Simply see what the little things can do.

Amanda Mbuya, Intern