Good day, Strivers!

What is it that you really want to see in the next month regarding your self-health goals? Taking a magic pill will NOT keep you on a continued path of making your body feel good from the inside out. All it takes is the power of 10. For a true beginner or if you have just fallen off track and need a reboot…

  • Wake up 10 minutes sooner than your regular time.
  • Commit to 10 days out of the month.
  • Move your entire body for 10 minutes straight by watching a 10 minute YouTube on your cellphone and working out to it the phone is propped against the counter (Yes! I said your cellphone).
  • Or engage in 10 minutes of jumping jacks and high knees.

YOU are accountable for the way you feel. Make it personal. Get motivated by your own will to become a better version of yourself.

Eat well,

Miracle Reese, RN