Growing up I always wondered how the older women in my life always knew the most ingenious beauty tips, one being, to get rid of the mascara lines behind your lashes use a Q-tip, or to keep your tube and use it as a curler. Often times the best way to improve the little things in your life is just picking up the phone and asking your mom what she would do. This week I’ve decided to help readers out in the beauty department by offering up “flashback” advice from the older women in my life. Hopefully it inspires you to pick up the phone and give some of the elder women in your life a “hello” as well as a “thank you.” Who said Adele could get the term all to herself anyway?


  1. Steaming your face at night helps naturally get rid of clogged pores as well as rejuvenates your face. So next time you think about buying that facemask from Walmart of Target, just remember the water you have at home is free.


  1. Raw brown sugar mixed in with honey is a great way to add a natural glow to your skin. Let’s face it; as much as we love to apply a good highlight to our makeup routine, sometime it can get a little monotonous. Also, who doesn’t love the smell of brown     sugar and honey?


  1. Bananas! Bananas! Bananas! No we’re not reciting the lyrics to the popular Gwen Stefani hit from the mid 2000s. Incorporating a banana facemask into your skin routine is a great way to get rid of dry skin. The potassium found within the fruit can help restore skin cells. Thank us later!

What are some ole’ school tips you know of? Let us know by commenting below.

Amanda Mbuya, Intern