You may know her as the woman who directed the heart-wrenching movie, Selma, for which she was the first African-American woman nominated for a Golden Globe. Or you may be familiar with her break through directorial indie films, such as Middle of Nowhere, for which she also won the Best Director Prize at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. However, DuVernay is so much more than these monumental accomplishments. Her efforts alone in including more people of color within her films help with the representation problem that Hollywood is all too familiar with portraying. DuVernay is helping reshape what exactly it means to tell a narrative in cinema and also the world. Not only that, but DuVernay was also given her own Barbie under the “she-roes” line, which includes a director’s chair and hat, the doll sold out within a day and it begs us to ask the question 1) when it going to be restocked and 2) how could this be anything but magical?

Amanda Mbuya, Intern