If someone told you that you had one hour to round up and assemble your friend circle, what would it look like? Would the majority of your friends look like you, or would it be a more diverse group? During this month in particular, I think it’s imperative to ask yourself these kinds of questions, especially for non-persons of color. Living in The United States we’re constantly told that our section of the world, that our continent is an example of a melting pot. However, with how social justice issues are these days, I’d had to disagree and say that it’s more of a salad. The different races and cultures that make up our country do not necessarily flow with the ease of heat and metal. Rather we recognize the differences that we have and try to cooperate well enough to create this fruitfully colored dish. A salad. This representation isn’t a bad thing; in fact I’d say it’s a pretty realistic model for how things operate on a global scale. Be that as it may, that’s just a generalization. With generalizations we have to create exceptions and rules to help counteract possible reasons for why certain things do and don’t operate a certain way. BUT, as it pertains to YOUR life, if you found yourself not having a colorful group of friends, ask yourself why? What activities or ideas consciously, or subconsciously, have you closing yourself off some specific groups of people?  It’s never too late to make a change, especially during a month full of so much innovation due to diversification and modification from the past.