There seems to be a divide between those that drink coffee and those that prefer tea. Though I’m not one to ever turn down a cup of espresso myself, I think the real win lies within one beverage having it’s own specific consumption hour. In comparison to its competitor, Tea has been known to have specific health properties that help consumers not only feel awake, but also alive. Here are a few:

  1. It can boost your metabolism: the antioxidants in teas such as green tea and blueberry tea can help increase your body’s ability to burn the fat in your body, as well as increase muscle.
  1. It helps hydrate your body: tea can help increase your body’s water intake and thus, hydrate your body, even though it can has caffeine in it.
  1. Prevention of neurological and degenerative diseases: Trends have shown that daily tea drinkers had lower risk for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This being due to the fact that certain teas, like Green Tea, have polyphenols that help exercise the part of the brain associated with learning and memory.

These tips were just a few of the different benefits tea can have! The next time you find yourself having to choose between coffee and tea just think, “What would the Queen do?”

Amanda Mbuya, Intern