As a women, sometimes I feel like “blah”, especially when it’s coming down to wearing something sexy for my loving husband. You know what I mean…his birthday, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Monday—the list goes on. With this thought, I know I’m not alone. We all have our days. Instead of whining over that extra M&M, try these tips to put yourself back in to the mood of “I love me some me”.

-WAKE UP WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE. If you start the day off positively, nothing can stand in your way.

-EAT BETTER. Do better. It is true. Once you start the week off eating the wrong foods for your body, the harder it is to get back on track. On Sunday evening create a health plan for the week that includes healthy foods and a fitness schedule. Writing it down will subconsciously make you accountable for your actions.

-GIVE YOUSELF AFFIRMATIONS. You like to sing? Well tell yourself “Go head, girl!” after hitting that high note of a new song on the radio. Or if you walk by a mirror and you like the way the wind is blowing your hair, check yourself out…you do look good! Giving yourself a pat on the back means you aren’t looking for others to do it for you. You are capable of being the best you, you can be.

-GET IT DONE. You may have a load of things to do for the week. It can become stressful but take it day by day. Make a list of “To Do’s” each day and what you don’t get done today, add it to tomorrow’s list. By the end of the week you will feel so accomplished checking out all the task you were able to complete.

-BEFORE YOU GO OUT, HAVE A EVENING WORKOUT. After working out you feel powerful, successful and most of all awesome! Before you hit the town take a shower and get ready at the gym. Go to your favorite night spot and grab a glass of red wine. You will feel so sexy right after a workout and will probably get lots of attention.

-TURN THE LIGHTS OUT. After a long day, instead of turning on the TV or checking your social media pages turn over and talk about your day with your significant other. Having an open communication will allow you both to become closer and may spark some chemistry to get it on.

Forever stylish,