There’s something about the beginning of a new month. Whether it be the new attitudes people seem to have, or the resolutions that get tossed away only to be put on another list for a “to be announced” date that “will” happen, a new month gives root to new possibilities. If ever there was a month about new wave optimism it has to be February.  To those that held their breath in contempt for it being January rather than February, I’ll have to disagree with you simple off of one principle alone. January is full of mock sincerity, forged optimism if you will. Whereas February is where the surreal expectations of the previous month meet realism of the present.


Throughout the month we want to give readers a taste of what the month of February means to us at Changeyourlifewithbeauty. We’re redefining what it means to give and receive love. “Love” not only being exclusive to romantic relationships, but other aspects of life as well.  However, it just doesn’t seem right to not start the month off with a romantic quote. Here’s one from the underground African-American poet, Nayyirah Waheed.


Amanda Mbuya, Intern