Dare to indulge

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Tucked away in the South Dale Mabry Highway is Tampa’s hidden sweet tooth, the Mini Doughnut Factory. It’s hard to believe that this shop started up last November with the cozy vibes that could only be found in your grandmother’s kitchen. It’s this sort of charm that add an element of familiarity to the “factory” where you believe you’ve stepped in the door before. From this, it comes as no surprise that the owners are seen behind the counter, as well as in the kitchen. 100% of the prepping and cooking is done in front house. This allows customers to see the genius behind what it takes to craft the perfect mini doughnut. Where some chains would cringe behind the idea of customers being so up close and personal, the Mini Doughnut Factory prides itself on knowing that everything that they create is not only fresh, but unique. Arguably being the only place in the entire country that constantly prepares fresh, made to order mini doughnuts. If you have any uneasy feelings about this, the proof is behind the glass frame right in front of you where you can see for yourself.


With mini doughnut titles like “Homer Simpson” and “Sweet Pig” (which includes the salty undertones found only in bacon), Patrick and Zezura know that titles like that, leave customers curious. What better way to answer questions behind their cooking process than by letting their art speak for itself. An art, that provides the ultimate experience to consumers by providing a lulling effect with the dimly lit lights and soft jazz music. After taking your first bite you can’t help but hear Frank Sinatra saying “Fly me to the moon”. Check out their Facebook page “Mini Doughnut Factory” for details on up-to-date happenings.


Yummy eating,

Amanda Mbuya, Intern