Hungry? Not really but, it feels good to eat during emotional times. When things in your daily routine fail, food rarely disappoints. Food is everlasting. Food is not argumentive. Food can present itself anyway you like it, saucy, cheesy, and ready to fulfill your every need, at the time that is. Most times, we cannot control others, but we can dominate out food intake. If this is the case, why do we allow it to be an err of control? When no one is around, you can find a passive, relaxing pleasure in food. I can truly relate. For me, I allow uncomfortable feels to be covered with quick satiety. The idea of a Magnum Carmel Ice Cream Bar to the rescue sounds like a positive reward to whatever emotion I am copping with at any given time. It is easy to make a quick, comfortable decision to go all the way in on 1, 2, or 3 ice cream bars! Who is counting?

Wait…stop…no! Get a handle on your will to eat just because. You do have power to take full control. The ultimate behavior of becoming a master over food is self control. Thus, self must be the driver of redirecting your thoughts. Here is a useful objective in the right direction: If you could only understand the breakdown of food better, maybe you can envision it differently. See, food has a primary intent to nurture your cells, better known on a large scale as “your body”. The substances that make up food products are broken down and the larger macronutrients become micronutrients when the body breaks the particles down for absorption. The vitamins, bioproduct, and matter that is available is used by the body. Therefore, if you put useless products in you get unproductive energy out. Would you supply your new model Masarari gas from a gas sniffer on the street? Think of fueling your temple the same way when dumping or consuming empty foods such as sugary, fried, and synthetic foods.

Food can either stand in place of your emotions as a power weapon to defeat your health  journey or aid in obtaining your body goals. You are charged with the decision of getting a handle on your negative thoughts and choosing to react with good measures to produce a great body.
Acknowledge your emotion, ask yourself are you really hungry, and make a wiser choice.

Eat well,

Miracle,  MSN