My name is Fridith, but everyone calls me Fri (pronounced Free) I began with It Works for selfish reasons. I was unhappy with my 3 post cesarean body and I had quietly crept back in to the 200lbs range eating away depression. I finally decided that I wanted to make a change and I found It Works through a friend’s post on Instagram. At first, I thought, I’ll just become a distributor for the discount on products etc. After the first month of using the products, I decided I needed a complete lifestyle change. Thru that adjustment I have been able to totally change my diet (plant based) and workout more. So while my journey began from a selfish standpoint, it quickly became a selfless mission to help other women and moms who are secretly battling with their health/weight/energy/sex drive just like I was. Today, I don’t consider myself a “distributor” I see myself as a Brand Ambassador for It Works! I am using my journey to inspire other women to get going and prove to themselves how strong they really are!

In good health,