Dear Reader,
The ball has dropped, the bell has rung, it is 2018 and the new year is here. With the new solar cycle we the hopelessly superstitious case lots on what the year will bring. I am willing to gamble and label 2018 the “Year of Growth”. Why would someone make such a bold prediction? To give a cohesive response one must look back to 2017. If this year is for growth, last year was one of change. Please understand that change is neither good or bad just constant.

“In life, the one constant that we can all look forward to is the consistency of change. Day to day, week to week and month to month we witness and are met with the consistency of change. Our looks change, our perceptions change and along the way the world as we know it continues to also change.”

-Don Draper of Mad Men

No one can argue that the phenomena of change has touched us all. After great change comes explosive growth. The movement that takes place that promotes the drive to be more, do more become more is based on the awakening of recent events. The push builds form a strong emotional presence that more change is needed and the duty to act or space the outcome with ones own might. Now that the ball has dropped and the bell has rung roll up your sleeves and help something to grow. Activism moves the winds of change; don’t abstain or sit idly by and let others take away your voice and replace it with the will of the enemy. Do something and help righteousness grow.

#Change Your Life with Beauty


Dr. Craig