In the middle of my morning jog, I abruptly stopped from a stabbing pain.  I knew something was not right. I had been having some random back pains, amongst other issues for a couple of months, but I assumed that it would pass. Well, girl, was I wrong?! On this beautiful Tuesday morning with the bright sun shining my optimism changed in an instant. I called my doctor and scheduled an appointment for 2:15 p.m. the same day. I then called my husband and let him know my concern and he insisted I go in to the doctor as soon as possible. I called my school to tell my instructor I would not be coming in and to forward all calls to my cell. I sat down to have a moment. I prayed and tears begin to flow down my cheeks. I felt so much gratitude because if I was employed at someone else’s company, I would have to worry about making up time or what would my co-workers think, or what kind of reasoning would  I have to state to my boss in order to be considered excused. Instead, through many obstacles to the road of entrepreneurship, I was able to change my intended day around completely where I only had to worry about the needs of myself and my family. That felt good. It still does feel good to know that entrepreneurship allows me to have financial freedom, infinite power, and welcomed sacrafices.

As I type, I am in my cozy office, looking out of one of 5 windows at what I call grunge art (East Tampa), and sipping out of my orange cup which matches the décor of the space as well as the logo of my business. Life is good. It will only get better because of the power of entrepreneurship.