I have a ripple effect of chill bumps going up and down my body from anger, sadness, and frustration I am feeling from the last couple of days recent tragedies. I confess that I have been sitting quietly watching circumstances happen, but have not been active in turning the outcome around. That stops now.

I challenge you to join me. Below is a list we can all do to stop some of these occurences from happening.

  1. Vote (locally, regionally, nationally)
  2. Support black own businesses
  3. Support minority based businesses
  4. Be a mentor
  5. Practice gratitude
  6. Stay positive
  7. Focus on moving forward
  8. Reward others for their efforts
  9. Like any status that is positive or encouraging
  10. Be kind
  11. Be present in your family and friends lives
  12. Care
  13. Be selfless
  14. Educate yourself and our children
  15. Do to others as you want done to you
  16. Smile just because
  17. Feel then release
  18. Make change contagious
  19. Be great
  20. Start today

Ready? Set? Go!