For over a year I have been searching for my calm place. I have plenty of space in my house to get away, but if you are a mom you know that your space is never really “my space” when it comes to your home. My godmother, Ovetta, who is a beautiful, energetic eighty year old lady is super fit and invited me to join her in a walk at our local YMCA. The walk we started was on The Tampa River Walk, located in downtown Tampa. I am obsessed with it now. I go a few times per week to jog, walk, or reflect. Every time I go there I see something different. The path is lined with businesses old and new on one side and the river on the other side where rowers and boaters are a consistent flow. I get to take in the air and feel the breeze. I clear my thoughts and feel my mind with positive vibes only. I smile in those moments when I am aware of my presence. It gets hot quick, but it doesn’t bother me because I am in my zone. Today, I decided to go a little further totaling 6 miles and I feel amazing. Walking or jogging amps up my energy which is why I prefer to go early morning. This is one of my happy places where I get geared up for what is to come.

What is your literal happy place?