When I worked at HSN, I met three beautiful individuals who I clicked with and we are still good friends today (6 years later). One is Elizabeth who was a fellow stylist and phenomenal fashion designer who is eclectic and wonderful all at once, Kate the bombshell redhead who is (and was) one of the models I dressed often and who is now an epic photographer. And last, but absolutely not least, my go to set pal, Nancy, a fast talking and hilarious makeup artist/hairstylist who is talented beyond measure.  Nancy contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me out for drinks. She always knows the coolest places around town to get yummy eats and cocktails so of course I obliged. As soon as I saw her, since we hadn’t seen each other in a while, we embraced each other with a huge hug. I got chills because I felt her energy and instantaneously knew she had a lot on her mind and a lot going on in her world. After stepping back from our hug she looked me in the eyes and asked can she hug me again. I opened my arms and pulled her close and as I gave my friend another gigantic hug, I prayed a prayer over her; a silent prayer that only myself and He could hear. She explained to me how much my energy affected her then and still does now. She stated she wants only positive people around her at this point in her life. She told me to thank my husband for being comfortable with me hanging out with her, a single woman, looking for love. She acknowledged her respect for me. And in that moment, I felt for the first time in my adult life a genuine, authentic love for another human being. I decided in that moment that until forever I will always include her in my prayers, and care for her well being. I will congratulate her on her happenings and support her in her time of need. I will make a more conscious effort to check on her and make sure she is okay.

Recognizing the connection I can have with others is so powerful. Knowing that I can be the change for someone else’s moment makes me feel purposeful. Feeling love from the universe feels me with gratitude and excites me with wonders of the future. On this journey of finding myself I hope to touch more people and have them touch me.

In conclusion, I adopted Nancy in my heart as my sister from another mister, a Mexican-America mister that is, and I love it!

With love,