Earlier this week our country was shaken due to the senseless violence of one individual. Understanding that there are supporters of such vile behavior, we must realize that this was the act of one person. Yes, there are many times our nation has experienced hurt, pain, sadness from vicious attacks, but this is not the time to bring those past tragedies up. It is time to share condolences and uplift the memories and families of those whose lives are now lost. We should put our sympathy towards the fact that these beautiful souls went to a place to have a good time, to laugh, maybe even to find love but now will never get the opportunity to dance again. The people that were held hostage, injured, were first responders, and got the call that their loved one was gone, lives will be changed forever. Let us reflect. Let us band together. Let us be the positive change that becomes infectious and outweighs evil. Let us support Orlando.

Rest and live in peace,