Fragrance has a way of bringing back memories or provoking moods. Close your eyes. Imagine a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies. Yummy! I can taste them now. Smell is the most power sense we have and when something smells amazing we gravitate to it. For me, that’s the smell of a man; preferably my man, but a man. There is nothing more comforting than cuddling up to my beau’s chest and inhaling his wonderful scents either natural or enhanced.  With that being said there are some smells that are not so pleasant. For example, the brute smell. You know the one that smells of a mixture of pepper, paint, and bug spray? Yuck! And don’t give that mister a hand shake or side hug. That smell will linger on for days. Here are a few tips to get the perfect scent for yourself sir or for your man girl.

Tip 1: Stay away from brute colognes. They are not your friend. As a matter of fact, it will deflect friends. 

Tip 2: Also, girly smells on men are not a good look. She does not want to share perfumes with you. Feminine smells are not the most pleasant on a man.

Tip 3: DO opt for a cologne that is subtle and soft. We like barely there scents because it creates a sense of mysteriousness. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the excessive spraying. We smell it. 1 or 2 squirts is enough.

Tip 4: Or DO try a musky and strong smell. These mix well with your natural scent and will have you smelling good enough to kiss.

If you are unsure of what the best smell for you can be let your lady take you out. It is Father’s Day Sunday so letting her choose a fragrance on you that she loves will surely have her wanting to be in your presence and will have her wanting to you give you a “gift” ;).

Happy Father’s Day, fellas and may your smell be ever in your favor.

Smell on,