I had one of the most liberating experiences of 2016 this past weekend. After a long day at the office, I came home with Winston and his baby carrier in my left hand, his backpack on my back, my purse on the opposite arm, and my phone in the same hand as my purse. After managing to open the front door of my home I went to sit Winston down like I have done numerous times before and then I dropped my Samsung S6. My head started spinning and I was immediately aggravated. What was I going to do with no insurance and 3 older phones that I previously let my hubby use only for him to let my son watch YouTube who then managed to drop one in the toilet, one in the bathtub, and one in a rain puddle? I felt so disconnected. I am a entrepreneur and have many social media platforms I engage in day to day, multiple times a day. I went to bed thinking about the busy weekend and how I wouldn’t be able to get my usual social media updates or work done on my phone which I do so often.

The next morning was my son Artis’s soccer game and I had to go by my office to make sure everything was running smoothly at Glensford Beauty Academy, but before all of that I was on a mission to get my phone fixed or replaced. Sprint of course had a crazy wait time and wouldn’t have it repaired until Monday. I needed a screen and LCD replacement. The cost? $250!!!! Hell no! I might as well buy a new phone.

I decided to wait on the phone and get through the weekend. I can honestly say not being connected for  two consecutive days in a row brought on a new sense of clarity for me. Although I am in the world where I need to stay connected to be relevant, I really don’t like it that much. I was able to fully listen to my husband and get tickled at his sense of humor that is out of this world. I played with my children without being distracted by buzzing and whistle sounds from a phone. I was actually able to go to my favorite shopping place (Target) and pay attention to the different smells of the environment and sounds of other people. Hell, I even rocked out to the music that was playing through the speakers, dancing and singing the lyrics as if I were in a mini concert.

I was in social media solitude…and I loved every minute of it. The small things….