It’s that time again! Our Blogger to Know this month is Ms. Jenn. Check out what she had to say about her brand, her blog, and her inspirations behind it all.

Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

I write at This Jenn Girl, a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on beauty, fashion, and food topics. I love supporting and writing about beauty and fashion brands that I believe in and local gems in the Tampa Bay area tat I think my readers will love to discover.

How did you first get into blogging and what inspired you?

​​I began blogging about nail art when I was a sophomore in college- I was passionate about being creative with my nails at the time and was inspired to start my blog after seeing all of the beautiful content that other nail art bloggers were posting on Instagram.

 How did you achieve our personal blogging style?

I really developed my personal style and voice when I transitioned from my nail art blog to my lifestyle one. I realized that there were so many aspects of my life hat I waned to share-primping, eating, working, and playing-that daily routine is what inspired my down-to-Earth and relatable voice.

What is your greatest blog accomplishment?

Being able to cultivate and grow my brand to the point where I went from reaching out to brands to having brands reach out to me, will always be my greatest blog achievement.

 What are some of your goals for your blog?

I want to expand my adventures beyond the Tampa Bay area- eventually, I would love to travel to different cities and states and share my discoveries. My forever goal is to always stay true to myself and my brand, ad share only things that I truly believe in

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

Focus on developing and solidifying your blog’s communication objectives and long/short term goals before you get serious about securing branding. Most importantly, stay true to yourself.

Thank you for sharing, Jenn! Check her ou at!