Embracing natural curl patterns and saying no to chemical treatments has become very popular within the black community and is definitely here to stay. While some may have had an early start, there are still women who have recently decided to embrace their natural tresses and are looking for as many tips as possible throughout their new journey. The road to natural hair can be done one of two ways, either through a big chop or transitioning.

Transitioning is the process of growing out your natural hair texture before cutting off any processed ends. While this process will be a long one, it is for those who would like to retain as much length as possible while going natural. I have personally decided that transitioning will be my route and along the way I’ve picked up a few tips that will be beneficial for those in the beginning stage of their process.

  1. Moisture is your friend!

Without properly moisture the hair will become dry, brittle, and thin. Be sure to really focus on your scalp as well because that is where your new growth is sprouting out. The absolute perfect moisturizer has to be extra virgin coconut oil because it actually penetrates the hair shaft

  1. Read product labels & select proper products

Reading product labels will provide you with a good understanding of what it took to make that product. Sulfates and parabens are a no-no so try avoiding products with those ingredients.

  1. Watch Youtube videos

Not only are they chock filled with great information; these videos can serve as a guide while transitioning. While everyone’s hair texture isn’t the same, I still find watching someone’s hair journey or washday very beneficial because it helps me create my own routine.

  1. Be patient

If you plan on transitioning for a while, this road will definitely be a long one. It will also become a bit more difficult once your new growth becomes longer and your relaxed ends aren’t having it anymore. Frustration will be an instant feeling but just fight through it all and look towards the end!

Rock your curls,

Michelle Almonor