Detangling can definitely be a pain in the butt and can take an awful amount of time. Most of us are tender headed or have course hair or somewhere in between. Here are 3 easy tips to help save you time and minimize the pain of detangling…

Tip #1: Finger detangle all sections of hair before wetting it, this will prevent any further tangles. Start from the ends of your hair and continue to work to the base of the scalp.

Tip #2: Using a water bottle, mist your hair with water then apply a dime size amount of  leave in conditioner starting from the ends then working to the base of the scalp. Then, with your Tangle Teezer or Deman brush work in small sections ends to root to separate bothersome tangles.

Tip #3: After each section has been detangled, apply a dime sized amount of gel and begin twisting the hair to prevent the hair from shrinking. Once the hair is stretched style as usual.

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Dominique Brown, Cosmetologist