Myth: Getting your split ends trimmed aids in hair growth

Fact: Getting regular trims every 6-8 weeks keeps the split ends from growing up the hair shaft which will cause further damage and proper scalp care is essential to hair growth.

Myth: No-Lye relaxers are better for the hair

Fact: No-Lye relaxers can cause just as much damage and it leaves a calcium deposit builds up on the hair causing a lackluster appearance. After multiple retouch applications hair becomes dry and brittle.

Myth: You can’t color and relax your hair the same day

Fact: Using proper precautions, and newer technology demi-permanent hair color is deposit only but will penetrate to the 2nd layer of hair  because of the use of developer  without damage and no heat is required like with a semi-permanent color .

Myth: Quick weaves or bonding glue takes out your edges more than sew-ins

Fact: Tension from braids while getting a sew-in can cause even more damage. Bonding glue was never meant to touch our hairlines. However, there are products designed to protect both of our hair and scalp form the glue and remember to use the protective stocking cap and with sew-ins use a net.

Myth: Leaving rinse out conditioner in your hair all day is beneficial

Fact: After the suggested times on the bottle rinse it out because it is no longer working; now you have a coating of product on the hair. 

Cosmetologist,  Dominique Brown