I’ll be frank, growing up I was never a bag girl. Jewelry? Yes. Makeup? Sure! Shoes? Well that goes without saying. But with handbags I always  felt that they were limiting to an outfit just by the simple design the majority of them seemed to have. Not only would your outfit be somewhat covered by your bag, depending on the size, but your shoulder would ultimately have to be a sacrifice for the sake of aesthetics due to the worry of it being stolen, lost or worse: damaged. However, one trend that’s been coming back that I always loved was the unconventional clutch! The clutch bag not only is practical in its lightweight silhouette and design, but they also add a “chic” factor to most outfits! Whether you’re on your way to get drinks with your girls, or going to a dinner party for work, the clutch is a necessity! If you don’t have one yet, I would advise you to hop on it. Soon! Below are some of my favorite “clutch” looks that I think would look brilliant on anyone.

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Stay trendy,

Amanda Mbuya, Intern