2015 was the year where a lot of substantial change was happening, the main one being girl power. With women’s day coming right around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of the incredible movements that have been happening in 2016 for women thus far. Oh and before you ask, Beyoncé’s “Formation” is on there. 


Girlboss! What once was a popular hash-tag has now turned into a brand for NastyGal founder and fashion extraordinaire Sophia Amoruso. Amoruso turned her online closet into a multi-million dollar industry. Though she likes fashion and style she doesn’t limit herself by staying in one particular field, now adding “author” and “producer” to her resume from her Girlboss movement. Talk about female empowerment!


The famous words, “all men are created equal”, can be found in the United States constitution, and more women around the world are starting to add “women” into the mix as well. With the fight for equal pay and need for more female representation, serious efforts have been made in order for women and men to be on the same playing field. One of the biggest manifestations of this being Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign. With her numbers in the polls rising and her approval ratings following suit, we can’t help but wait to see how the world reacts to whatever she has up her sleeve next.  Plus, who wouldn’t mind seeing a “first husband” for a change?


“Okay ladies now let’s get in formation”. Chances are if you don’t know what I’m taking about you may be: 1) living under a rock somewhere in an undisclosed area or 2) a Beyoncé hater. It’d be a lot safer, and wiser, to choose the first situation over the second. With her female run band, company and messages, you can’t help but love how much Beyoncé roots for women.

We are in for a treat for the rest of this year. 2016 will bring forth huge advantages for women. Just wait and see!


Amanda Mbuya, Intern